The Paleo Baking Company Team


The Paleo Baking Company Story

Paleo Baking Company was founded in 2012 by Hannah Bretz, who was on a quest to enjoy her favorite baked goods in a healthy way. Having suffered from auto-immune symptoms all her life, she eventually found the Paleo Diet which includes only whole, natural foods.

In early 2014 Collins Paris took over role as Chief Executive Officer of Paleo Baking Company and is the current owner with an absolutely great team, including Alexandra Callaghan (Creative Director), Candice Hays (Business Development), Matthew Clevenger (Chief Operations Officer), Amanda Dahlstrom (PR & Social, and Hannah Bretz (Research & Development).


Meet the Paleo Baking Company Team

Collins Paris, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Collins possesses a strong entrepreneurial spirit and mindset. Having started several companies on his own, Collins understands well the cost and risk associated within the start up realm. As CEO and President of Paleo Baking Company, Collins wears many hats and is credited with growing PBC from a small ecommerce site to a company that is now represented in over 500 grocery stores and growi 


Matthew Clevenger, Chief Operations Officer

Matt received a degree in Business and Leadership from the University of Puget Sound with a focus in Finance and a minor in Economics. His breadth of knowledge in both finance and operations makes him a critical team member in our high growth period.


Alexandra Callaghan, Creative Director

Alexandra heads up the creative where she manages brand consistency across channels, from packaging and promos to photography and advertising. Allie sets us apart from other food companies having studied
at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she’s armed with a plethora of different fine art skills. 


Candice Hays, Business Development

Candice brings a tenacious spirit and ambitious mindset to the PBC team. Candice has experience in the startup world and a proven track record in media sales. She possess great aptitude to oversee strategic sponsorships and business development.


Hannah Bretz, Research & Development

Hannah is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for the food industry. She has extensive experience developing products and she enjoys the creative process. Hannah has experience in all facets of research and development, branding, packaging, federal and state food safety and labeling regulations, marketing, sales, shipping and logistics, and customer service. Hannah is a sought-after speaker and she facilitates a peer network of food entrepreneurs.


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