Paleo Vanilla Frosting

Ingredients & Supplies

Yield: 3 cups of frosting, enough for one 9" double layer cake or 15-18 cupcakes.

Food Processor Or Blender

2 Cups Solid Coconut Oil (Not Melted)

1 Cup Honey

2 Teaspoons Vanilla (Optional)


PREPARATION NOTE: Chill Paleo Baking Company cakes or cupcakes in the refrigerator for at least an hour before frosting.

1. Combine all ingredients in food processor and puree until smooth. Add additional vanilla/honey if needed.

2. Frost chilled cake or cupcakes and serve immediately, or keep chilled in the fridge or freezer.

3. Frosting will melt in a warm room if not kept cool.

This frosting is dairy-free, subtley sweet and easy-peasy! This vanilla frosting is delicious on top of Paleo Chocolate Cake! Check out our ready to bake, Paleo Chocolate Cake & Muffin Mix Here!

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