Paleo No-Bake Gingerbread Balls

Ingredients & Supplies

Yield: 32 (1 1/2") Balls

1 Package Paleo Spice Cake and Muffin Mix

2 cups pitted dates

2 cups applesauce

1 teaspoon dried ginger powder

Optional toppings: 1 cup of coconut flakes, chopped nuts, melted dark chocolate, or other.


1. Combine dates and applesauce in a food processor. Pulse until a thick paste forms.

2. Add Paleo Spice Cake and Muffin Mix and ginger, process on medium high until all ingredients are combined and a wet crumbly dough has formed.

3. Remove blade from food processor and begin rolling approximately 1 tablespoon of dough between palms to form a 1 ½” ball. Repeat until all dough has been formed.

4. Cover and refrigerate gingerbread balls immediately to preserve moisture. Balls can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 7 days or 1 month in the freezer.

Optional Toppings Instructions:

1. After gingerbread balls have been formed, roll each in coconut flakes, chopped nuts, or other topping. Balls can also be dipped in melted dark chocolate and sprinkled with toppings. Consider serving chocolate-dipped gingerbread balls on a stick for a fun twist.

Enjoy the old-fashioned flavor of gingerbread in just a few short minutes. These paleo gingerbread balls are tasty and also extremely easy to make. No baking is required, and it takes only 15 minutes to make a festive gingerbread dessert to serve at your next holiday party. These gingerbread balls are moist and delicious, and they pack a gingery kick. Topped with chopped coconut, nuts, or melted dark chocolate, you can create any flavor combination to suit your fancy.

Gingerbread cookies are a traditional holiday treat, but the typical recipe for gingerbread is loaded with wheat flour and sugar. This delicious gingerbread recipe is not only paleo, but also vegetarian, vegan, and egg free so just about everyone can enjoy them.

Make these bite-size gingerbread morsels the next time you need a quick, go-to holiday snack with big flavor. You won’t be disappointed!

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