Paleo Baking Company Sponsoring The Clean Water Classic

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This year, Paleo Baking Company are proud sponsors of the 2016 Clean Water Classic Surf Contest, which will be held this weekend, October 7 to 9, in Westport, Washington. Collins Paris, CEO, is excited to be attending the competition and supporting the surfers by providing them with a high quality food product. For the last two years and counting, Paris, along with his COO Matt Clevenger, and CBO Alexandra Callaghan and rest of the Paleo Baking Company Team have been working round-the-clock to grow the company, and their work has paid off. “It feels great to be at this point where we can give a little back to the community. Profit is great, but it is even better to be able to give back,” quote from Paris. They will be providing gifts for all competitors and providing baskets for the silent auction so surfers can stay healthy during the competition, but still grab a tasty treat from Paleo Baking Company. That is one of the best things about the product- because it is paleo (gluten, grain, dairy, refined sugar and soy free,) and they use only the finest natural nut flours and spices, athletes and others can still eat muffins and cake before and after they work out, without feeling like they’re cheating!

PBC is committed to supporting local causes, especially conservation efforts and local agriculture. Sourcing ingredients from local farmers not only means that you get fresher ingredients; it also means you are supporting small family farms through your purchase with PBC. When you choose to bake with PBC products, you are also helping to protect the environment, because the ingredients don’t travel as far. Isn’t it great to purchase products guilt free? Connecting with our community is essential. Paleo Baking Company believes in supporting local causes like the Clean Water Classic Surf Contest that foster healthy competition, healthy living, and healthy eating. So come on out this weekend and grab a bite with Paleo Baking Company. Hope to see you on the beach!

Learn more about the Clean Water classic here!




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