Paleo Baking Company is Officially Non-GMO Certified

Posted on July 08, 2016 by PBC Admin | 0 Comments

At Paleo Baking Company, we take pride in providing clean, simple and delicious ingredients so you can have an affordable option for paleo and gluten free baking. From partnering with local farms to source our hazelnut flour to ensuring our kitchen and mixing equipment is up to par, we are constantly looking to improve our products to gain your trust.

From our first bag of paleo baking cake mix, Paleo Baking Company products have always been non-GMO. However, today we are thrilled to announce all of our products and flavors are officially certified as non-GMO. We will be working hard over the coming weeks to update our packaging to reflect our certification on the front of every bag, so you know you can proudly trust your Paleo Baking Company cupcakes, muffins and more are sourcing and using only non-GMO ingredients.



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