New Look, New Products

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As some of you may of noticed... We've changed up our packaging a bit! But not only that, we've also rolled out 4 brand new products!

These 4 products were based off recipes on the site that you could use the Hazelnut & Spice mix to make. Well we've refined those recipes, quantities and tested, tested, tested and got even better versions of each of those products, so we decided to package them up for purchase!

Of course you can still use our Hazelnut Mix & Spice Mix to make a variety of these products, but if you know you want Blueberry Muffins for example, we've refined that particular mixture and recipe specifically for muffins.

You'll also notice quite the change to the aesthetics of our packaging.

We wanted to rethink our packaging and have it reflect the some of the core values of Paleo Baking Company, progressive, bold, unique, clean. Instead of using photo realistic images of cakes on our packaging like many other brands do, we wanted to instead use imagery for each product that reflected the flavor profile, such as Cocoa for our Chocolate Mix and Hazelnuts for our Hazelnut Mix.

These 4 new products, Lemon Poppyseed Cake & Muffin Mix, Banana Bread Mix, Blueberry Muffin Mix & Carrot Cake Mix are all available to purchase on the home page of our website here or on Amazon here.

We've got lots of other delicious updates coming in the near future we're excited to rollout, including something for pizza lovers, sandwich lovers & pie lovers (amongst much much more!)

I can't stress how much your support for us as a fledgling baking mixes company means, as we spend tireless hours developing and manufacturing our mixes, your support keeps us going




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