What You Need to Know About Our New Paleo Vanilla Cake and Muffin Mix

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 Paleo Vanilla Cake and Muffin Mix

As you know, we recently unveiled out newest flavor - Paleo Vanilla Cake and Muffin Mix. We’ve heard from you that vanilla cake mix is a must have for birthday parties, holidays and everyday baking and we’re excited to add vanilla to our set of delicious mixes. Beyond creating a healthy and clean Vanilla based muffin or cake, we wanted to share the advantages of the key ingredients of our Vanilla mix, as we undergo month of testing and refining the recipe before it’s packaged up in our Seattle kitchen.

The vanilla extract can be enhanced or replaced with many other flavors and toppings to create a unique paleo treat that is all your own.

Simple Paleo Ingredients

There are only four simple and clean ingredients in our dry Vanilla flavored baking mix. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each. As always, we encourage you to try different variations of you own, as our Paleo Baking Cake and Muffin Mixes offer a great base for endless paleo treats!

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Coconut Flour

Rich in protein and dietary fiber, coconut flour has become a staple in paleo baking. Baked goods made with coconut flour tend to be light and soft, with a lower glycemic impact that helps keep blood sugar levels in check. Coconut flour is made from the dried meat of the coconut, so this tasty ingredient is perfectly paleo.


Almond Flour

Almond flour is an amazingly delicious low carb flour alternative. Its rich, buttery flavor is a perfect complement to other paleo ingredients and is less “nutty” than other nut flours. Almond flour balances the flavor and provides a delicate, soft crumb, which makes it a perfect base ingredient for a wide variety of paleo baking uses. Note, the Vanilla mix is the only Paleo Baking Company flavor that uses almond flour.

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Baking Soda

Baking soda is an alkaline base used in leavening (rising) baked goods. It’s purity and non-toxic qualities have made it a staple in both healthy baking and cleaning.

Sea salt

Sea salt has been used to flavor and preserve foods for thousands of years. Created by evaporating water from seawater, sea salt often contains trace minerals and nutrients from the ocean. Many chefs swear that sea salt creates a more enjoyable flavor than salt from mines.



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